A lot of Americans see Barack Obama as an evil president, and they refuse to admit the success of his presidency. Two opposing parties picture Obama’s administration in different colors, from the rise of the economy to it being on the verge of destruction. Even if general opinion about his reign is negative, the accomplishments of President Obama are known in higher political circles.
His accomplishments may be subject to discussion, but the facts will tell you the real image of the economy and how Obama changed it.

Obama reign and its influence on economy

Listing all changes in the economy during Obama’s presidency would take several articles, and it would contain info about things that are irrelevant to an average American. We will mention several cases in which the change has a positive effect on the everyday life of people in the USA.
Many people were outraged with tax increases that started at the beginning of the Obama’s presidency. They believed shouts that came from Tea Party members. The truth is different and facts show that taxes during Obama went down considerably. The fact that taxes are as low as they were fifty years ago is something that many people fail to see. The only strata that experienced an increase in taxes were people that earn more than 400 000 dollars per year.

Mind Map Team - Illustration

Mind Map Team – Illustration

Affordable Care Act allows over 12 million (between 12 and 18) Americans access to health insurance. This means that the government, as well as other people, saves a lot of money as they don’t have to pay for the healthcare of individuals who don’t have insurance.
The number of soldiers in wars around the world is at its lowest in last twelve years. The safety of the American nation is also increased, and there were no terrorist acts by Al Qaeda on the American soil.

Other benefits American people gained during Obama’s reign

The unemployment at the beginning of the Obama’s presidency was 10.1 percent. The unemployment at the end of it is 4.9 percent. Once the recession ended the Americans prospered and over twelve million jobs were opened. The decrease in unemployment also contributed to the shrinking of the budget deficit. The debt went down from 1.4 trillion dollars in 2009 to 439 billion dollars in 2016, which means that the deficit is reduced by two-thirds.


The economic expansion is in its seventy-eight weeks. This means that there wasn’t even one week during that time in which economy stagnated. This number also includes the job growth in a private sector that made a new record. These stats show that economic recovery during Obama was far better than the restoration of the economy during the time of President Reagan. This is a feat that many fail to mention when they talk badly about President Obama.
Another fact that many fail to mention is the continuous growth of the stock market and the Dow Jones. The growth reached its record in March 2015 when it went to 18.292. This means that middle-class Americans who have retirement investments in the stock market have excellent benefits, and there are millions of people like that.